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Woman sues waterpark after falling off display

Summertime sees countless people both in Hamilton and throughout the rest of the U.S. visiting theme parks. Such locations offer plenty of distractions and diversions, as well as their fair share of risks and hazards. Often, it is assumed that by paying admission to a park, one accepts responsibility for any risks that the activities it offers presents. While that may be true in many cases, park personnel are still responsible for providing a safe environment for guests to enjoy. A perceived failure to do so could certainly lead to accusations of negligence.

Electrical hazards at construction sites

While many construction workers in Ohio are aware of the dangers that falls present, you may not realize how serious electrical hazards can be at work sites. The truth is that deaths and injuries caused by electricity can occur in almost any workplace, but are more likely to occur around construction activity. We at Mezibov Butler are not only committed to helping you in case of an accident, but also educating you on the dangers so that you can avoid serious injuries.

What to do when your Ohio auto insurance provider will not pay

The whole purpose of paying for auto insurance is to have financial protection when you get into an accident. It is more affordable to pay a monthly premium than to pay large bills all at once out of pocket. That is the job of your provider in return for being a faithfully paying client.

Four people taken to hospital after rear-end accident

Ohio residents know that motor vehicle accidents are a sad reality of life on area roads. This reality is part of why automobile insurance is important and why so much emphasis is put on laws to encourage people to drive safely. Whether following the speed limit, ceding the right of way to another vehicle or obeying traffic signals and more, there are many things that can help people reduce their risk of being in an accident.

Will your auto insurance rates go up after an accident?

Being involved in a car accident and dealing with the resulting injuries and expenses is stressful. Adding to your stress and worry may be concerns surrounding how an accident will affect your auto insurance rates. Given your situation, you likely cannot afford to have your premiums skyrocket, so you may consider not reporting the incident to your provider.

3 common causes of motorcycle accidents

Longer days filled with sunshine in Ohio are perfect for motorcycle travel. However, according to the Insurance Information Institute, nearly 5,000 people die every year from injuries suffered in motorcycle crashes. This tragic figure illustrates just how vital it is that all drivers share the road safely, but there are some specific mistakes that most commonly contribute to accidents involving motorcycles.

What is the lifetime cost of a traumatic brain injury?

If you have a loved one that survives a serious accident in Hamilton, your primary concern becomes dealing with any short- or long-term impairments he or she may have. Disabilities due to a traumatic brain injury are almost certain inflict a significant emotional toll on you and others. Along with that also comes the added financial cost of your loves one's care. Those two elements together can lead to a great deal of stress and worry. Yet understanding the potential costs of a TBI might better prepare you to deal with such a challenge.

City deemed liable for uneven sidewalk

The common perception of slip-and-fall lawsuits amongst people in Hamilton may be that by one simply suing a property owner after having fallen, he or she may be immediately entitled to compensation. That is not the case. Not only does one have to be able to directly link his or her injuries to the accident, but he or she must also establish that the property owner knew of the hazard that caused his or her fall yet did nothing to either remedy it or protect him or her from it. On top of all that, one may also have to prove that his or her own actions did not contribute to the accident.

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