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Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

If you pay your premiums, maintain your policy and report all necessary information to your insurance company, you are fulfilling your obligation. You likely rely on your insurer to do the same in the event of an accident. However, many individuals and families find it harder to collect on valid insurance claims than they expect.

Insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance company fails to uphold its duty of “good faith and fair dealing” to a policyholder. That may include failing to pay out valid claims, excessively denying claims or otherwise breaching an agreement.

At Mezibov Butler in Cincinnati, Ohio, we bring decades of experience and a reputation for results to a variety of insurance matters. Our attorneys have helped clients struggling to secure insurance payouts in cases involving:

  • Auto insurance claims after motor vehicle accidents
  • Homeowners insurance for property damage
  • Life insurance claim disputes
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

Experience And Distinction, Working For You

Our lawyers have represented many individuals forced to go up against the nation’s leading insurance companies. These companies know that we are serious litigators who will not accept a weak settlement offer without pursuing every opportunity for compensation.

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