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When An Employee Contract Is Breached

Ohio is an at-will employment state. In an at-will state, employers are generally free to terminate an employee for any reason, or no reason at all. A few exceptions do exist, involving state and federal anti-discrimination laws. For the most part, however, employers are free to discharge employees for any reason they see fit if the employee does not have an employment contract that limits the termination rights of the employer.

Some employees do have language in their employment contracts that specifically states that they may be terminated only for cause. Such contracts may also contain other provisions that require their employer to provide certain types of benefits, including:

  • Bonus pay
  • Commission pay
  • Paid vacation
  • A specified severance package in the event of termination or job layoff

If you feel that your contract rights have been violated, contact Mezibov Butler in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have extensive experience in breach of contract claims on behalf of individuals and small-business owners.

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