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Obtain Compensation After A Pedestrian Accident

The new Governors Highway Safety Association report estimates that almost 6,000 U.S. pedestrians were killed in 2017. Whether hit in a crosswalk or standing on a corner, pedestrian traffic accidents can be serious, even deadly. Unfortunately, most people do not prepare financially for the expenses involved with being seriously injured. But injuries do not have to equate to the depletion of your savings and crippling debt. If you are hurt in a pedestrian/vehicle crash due to no fault of your own, you have the right to pursue monetary compensation.

Speak with the personal injury lawyers at Mezibov Butler. We can help you seek adequate and complete medical attention, and then strive for compensation to help you move on.

We Hold Negligent Parties Responsible

We hold negligent parties accountable and fight for full and fair compensation to help you recover physically and financially.

There are numerous contributing factors in pedestrian accidents, including:

  • High traffic roads or areas
  • Vehicular speeding
  • Weather
  • Pedestrian jaywalking
  • Poorly timed traffic signals
  • Alcohol, drug and cellphone use

When pursuing a legal claims, documentation is key and may require:

  • Medical records from your doctor explaining injuries and long-term outlook
  • Rehabilitation documentation from physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Photos taken at the accident scene
  • Psychological trauma documented by a mental health care professional

Our lawyers will work to settle your case as smoothly as possible out of court, but are prepared for trial if necessary to obtain full and fair compensation.

Why Pursuing Compensation Is So Important

In the wake of a pedestrian accident, you may be focused on dealing with critical injuries, however your finances are also a major concern – especially if you can no longer work or provide for your family. The injuries suffered after being hit by a car may require indefinite medical treatments and interventions. Our compassionate Ohio car wreck attorneys will provide the answers, support and strong legal representation you need throughout your personal injury case.

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Even if you believe your injuries are minor, we can help you get the medical attention and fight for compensation to pay your medical bills. Contact the attorneys at Mezibov Butler for a free initial consultation at 513-621-8800 or email us with your inquiry.