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Executive Employment Contract Issues

When business executives and other professionals separate from employment, many potential contract issues arise. Corporate executives and professionals leaving companies are subject to considerable risks. With skilled assistance from Mezibov Butler, executives can be protected from the various problems involved in executive contract disputes.

If your employment has been terminated or if you are leaving your company for other reasons, you may encounter executive contract disputes. Talk to a lawyer about your options and whether legal action is warranted in your situation. Call Mezibov Butler at 513-621-8800 to schedule your consultation.

Executive contract disputes can arise from many types of agreements. Our attorneys provide vigorous and experienced legal help with agreements and their associated problems such as:

  • Noncompete agreements: The enforceability of such contracts often leads to questions regarding the availability of future job opportunities.
  • Confidentiality agreements: Similar to noncompete agreements, confidentiality agreements can limit executives’ career options.
  • Severance agreements: These are often complex agreements, leaving employees to wonder whether they are being adequately compensated and fairly treated by their former employers.

Business executives and professionals leaving companies are exposed to considerable risks to their incomes, reputations and future career options. It is essential for these executives and professionals to obtain help from experienced employment law attorneys. At Mezibov Butler, our knowledgeable and skilled attorneys are prepared to review your contract, offer sound advice regarding your options and identify if legal action is warranted to resolve your executive contract dispute.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your executive contract or would like to discuss the potential need for dispute resolution services, call our firm at 513-621-8800 or contact us online.