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Preschooler dies; second child injured in crash

People in Ohio are often saddened when they hear reports of people being killed in car accidents. When those persons who died are young children, however, the sadness can be even deeper and the whole experience may feel more tragic. For those people who lose their precious children in senseless motor vehicle accidents, it can be a daily challenge to learn how to go on with their own lives.

The friends and relatives of one family today are likely struggling with the challenges of moving forward after the horrifying death of a little child who was only three years old. As reported by News 5 Cleveland, the child was riding in the back of a standard passenger sedan and was in a child car seat when the car collided with a sport utility vehicle in the middle of an intersection. Another young child was also in the car at the time of the crash and was said to have experienced life-threatening injuries. That child was taken by air to a hospital for treatment. No further details on that child's condition are known at this time.

3 important pieces of protective equipment in construction

If you drive around the Cincinnati area often, it is difficult not to notice the abundance of construction taking place throughout the city. While the growth is good and the economy often benefits, it can also pose some new risks—especially for the workers who are responsible for the construction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 36,000 people work in construction and extraction in the Cincinnati area.

Despite how common these jobs are, they are still highly dangerous. A range of hazards facing anybody on a construction site exist, but there is also personal protective equipment that can mitigate the likelihood of injury. The following are three of the most important pieces of PPE for construction:

Drugged, drunk trucker kills one

When accepting a driver's license, a person in Ohio should be keenly aware of the responsibility that they hold while simultaneously enjoying the privilege of driving. This responsibility can be even greater when the person chooses to drive for a living and operate a large, commercial vehicle. Even when it comes to determining intoxication by alcohol, commercial drivers are held to a different standard where impairment is said to be evident with a blood alcohol content of 0.04 percent compared to 0.08 percent for other drivers.

There is even oversight from the federal government for drug and alcohol use among persons with commercial driving licenses. None of these facts, however, seemed to matter much to one trucker who chose to operate his big right while not only drunk but also under the influence of a drug.

Can negligence toward motorcyclists cause crashes?

When motorcyclists in Ohio hit the road, you're unfortunately taking a bigger risk than most. Other vehicles are often at fault for causing motorcycle-related incidents because drivers do not notice or see you on the road. In turn, this leads to potentially catastrophic injury because of your vehicle size. Mezibov Butler highlights the exact dangers that negligent behavior toward motorcyclists can cause.

Driver negligence unfortunately contributes to many crashes, especially with motorcyclists. Sometimes, these drivers won't check all directions carefully before making turns into traffic. Other times, they do not stop long enough to make sure their blind spot is clear before switching lanes.

Who is at fault when you get hurt on public property?

As you go about your daily errands and activities, you are likely setting foot on a wide variety of different public properties owned by many different people and businesses. If you suffer an injury while taking part in any of these activities, you may wonder exactly who is liable for that injury.

While not all injuries are due to negligence, many certainly are. In the event your injury is a result of the negligence of a property or business owner, you need to inform yourself about your rights and responsibilities under the law and how you can seek the appropriate and fair compensation for your injuries.

What conditions can contribute to slip-and-fall incidents?

When you hit the town in Ohio, you expect the shops you visit to be safe inside and out. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Multiple factors can lead to the potential of a slip-and-fall incident occurring on someone else's property.

According to FindLaw, slip-and-fall incidents usually fall under the umbrella of premise liability cases. In short, premise liability is the legal notion that anyone who owns the property you're on when your mishap occurs can potentially be held liable for the damages that follow.

How do authorities find someone after a hit-and-run accident?

Imagine you have the right of way and are crossing the street at a crosswalk. Out of nowhere, a car turns the corner and hits you. Fortunately, you survive the accident, but the driver doesn’t stop to see if you are injured. He or she speeds away, leaving you to be cared for by a few witnesses who call an ambulance and the police.

Every year, this nightmare scenario becomes a reality for some Cincinnati area residents who worry about how to pay mounting medical bills and make up lost wages as they struggle with painful injuries and long recoveries.

Two teens injured in rollover accident

People in Ohio know that at some point, teenagers need to learn how to drive. However, it is reasonable to be concerned about handing over the keys to a young person who may be impetuous and too immature to fully grasp their own mortality and the need to operate a vehicle safely. Too many accidents have involved teenage drivers, at least some of which may have been preventable by safer driving practices.

While several details remain unknown at this time, it appears that some lack of safe operation may have contributed to a crash that happened recently involving two teenage boys. As reported by the Mansfield News Journal, only one vehicle was involved in the incident and it was being driven by a boy who is only 17 years old. The passenger in the vehicle was another boy who is only 14 years old.

Can spinal injuries worsen over time?

Ohio residents who have suffered from severe injury to the spine have a long road of recovery ahead of you. This road is full of ups and downs. Even if it's possible to recover from spinal damage through physical therapy and potential surgeries, it's also possible for injuries to worsen with time.

Oxford Academic has a featured article that focuses on neuronal function degradation after an injury to the spinal cord. Essentially, it showed that over the course of a spinal cord injury, the ability a patient has to move their limbs can continue to become degraded long after an accident.

Drivers need to be aware of children going back to school

It was a long summer for many Ohio residents, but for most children and some parents, summer ended all too soon. Now, kids across the country are preparing for the new school year. As you know, this means an increase in back-to-school traffic, as well as children walking and riding their bikes along the roads. It is imperative that everyone understand the risks children face before and after school – including drivers, parents and children themselves.

Officials from the National Safety Council are urging people across the United States to be vigilant throughout the fall, as everyone acclimates to the start of the school year. You might begin by talking to your children about the following safety tips on their way to and from school:

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