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The trouble with quality medical care

The Cincinnati area is home to many excellent hospitals. In fact, some of the best medical care in the world is available in Ohio. 

US News rankings reinforce this claim to greatness: Out of the top three candidates, all of the hospitals perform highly in at least seven categories. One is even ranked nationally in its specialty. However, just because there are many excellent healthcare companies in the metropolitan area does not necessarily mean that everyone is receiving the care they need and deserve. 

Key pointers for staying safe this holiday season: Part 1

With the holiday season fast approaching, your to-do list is likely long. While your mind is on meal planning and gift giving, the holidays also present many hazards including those on the road and in your home.

During the holiday season and winter months, the number of both car accidents and home fires tend to spike. In the coming months, as you travel to spend time with loved ones and rely on additional heating sources like portable heaters, it’s important to take steps to prevent accidents and remain safe.

What are skin grafts?

Horrific injuries can do a lot of damage to the human skin. A deep burn can permanently destroy an area of your skin. A sizable open wound, or the aftermath of surgery that has gone wrong can also ravage the skin to the point you could permanently lose a layer of skin. However, it is possible to perform some repair to the damaged area with skin grafting by Ohio medical professionals.

As Heathline explains, a skin graft is a piece of skin that is removed from one area of the body and transplanted onto an area that has lost skin. If a physician determines that you can undergo grafting, you are likely to acquire either a split-thickness graft or a full-thickness graft. Split-thickness grafts are used to cover larger areas and only involve cutting part of the skin from a donor area. A full-thickness graft, by contrast, is much smaller, taking a full area of skin to transplant onto a damaged area.

What accidents can occur at the pool?

Ohio residents like you may enjoy taking a swim in a pool every now and then. Whether you're enjoying a spa whirlpool, exercise at a public pool, or a splash in a hotel pool, it should be remembered that all pools have their dangers.

FindLaw takes a look at the different fatal and non-fatal injuries that can occur at pools, despite the extensive safety regulations often in place to ensure that such things don't happen. Sometimes, safety gates are employed. There are also federal and state codes, laws and standards for pools that are meant to cut down on injuries. Lifeguards aren't always present though, and these fail-safes don't always work.

Potentially impaired driver kills toddler and three adults

Ohio residents may understandably feel angry and upset when they hear reports of a drunk or drugged driver injuring or killing innocent people. When such events include the death of babies or young children, the angst can be even worse. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many people in Ashtabula have had to experience and hear about after a recent crash on a Friday night in their town.

As reported by Fox 8 Cleveland, a man who is 48 years old is today in custody as an investigation into the horrific and fatal accident continues. No confirmation has been published yet but it is suspected that the man was either under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both at the time of the wreck.

What does an electrical shock do to the body?

If you work at an Ohio construction site, you may have some concern about the possibility of electrical accidents, and with good reason. According to WebMD, on-the-job electrical accidents account for most of the 1,000 deaths from electrocution that occur in the United States every year.

The heart, brain and eyes are susceptible to damage from an electric shock. A severe shock may cause your heart to stop beating, also known as a cardiac arrest. Electrical damage to the brain may result in anxiety, depression, personality changes or permanent seizure disorder. Exposure to an electric current can cause your muscles to contract forcefully, which can throw you clear of the electrical source. In this instance, broken bones or spinal injury are possible. A spinal injury can also result if the shock causes your neck to jerk back and forth. 

What is phantom pain?

If you are an Ohio resident who has had a limb or other body part amputated, you may experience a bizarre phenomenon known as phantom pain. When you experience phantom pain, you feel a discomfort that seems to be coming from a body part that is no longer there.

According to the Mayo Clinic, phantom pain may be continuous or intermittent but often first occurs within days of the amputation. Sensations associated with phantom pain include squeezing, throbbing, stabbing, shooting or burning pain. Emotional stress or physical pressure on the remaining portion of the limb may trigger phantom pain, and some sufferers report that it feels as though the limb is being forced into an uncomfortable position. 

What to do after an accident with an uninsured driver

Having automobile insurance is compulsory in the state of Ohio and drivers must carry at least minimum coverage. However, despite state laws, some drivers carry no insurance.

What should you do if you are in a collision with an uninsured motorist? Even if the accident is relatively minor, you could suffer painful injuries and incur thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

Worker killed by truck backing up

Whether involved in residential, commercial or traffic construction projects, workers in Ohio frequently find themselves in potentially risky situations. Many of these situations involve being near large equipment or vehicles. Employers are responsible for ensuring that proper safety procedures are developed and that all staff, including supervisors, are trained about these procedures. Job site management staff is responsible for making sure these procedures are followed.

Unfortunately, there are times when accidents on construction job sites still happen. These may involve violations of required safety protocols or negligent operation of equipment by workers. Regardless of the cause or contributing factors, the results can include serious injury or even death to construction workers.

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