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New apps could help curb drunk driving

Drunk driving remains a problem in Ohio and across the country, but the advent of new technologies is giving some hope that reducing the number of intoxicated drivers who get behind the wheel could be a click away. Several new apps help to monitor whether or not a driver is safe behind the wheel, and at least one county is already putting it into practice.

Two men hit, one killed, by impaired driver

Most Ohio residents have been aware of public awareness campaigns and educational efforts attempting to teach drivers the dangers of getting behind the wheel of vehicles after consuming alcohol. Despite the strong emphasis on drunk driving and the risks it poses to innocent people, too many people continue this behavior. In the process, innocent people are injured or even killed for no good reason.

Spoliation of evidence in a premise liability case

The preservation of evidence is an important part of any Ohio premises liability case. The duty to preserve evidence is a requirement imposed by a law and a duty that can give rise to an adverse inference or sanctions if breached. A plaintiff who commences a slip-and-fall lawsuit, for example, is obligated to keep text messages pertinent to the case, whether favorable or not. A defendant business owner, on the other hand, who defends against such a case, is obligated to preserve camera surveillance of the slip and fall, maintenance records, and personnel communications having any tendency to prove or disprove any element of the case.

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