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Month: May 2017

Should people trust autonomous cars?

Have you considered that you would ever drive a fully autonomous car? Over the past several years, people in Ohio and around the country have been hearing more and more about the seemingly increasing pace of development and testing of the vehicles. While oftenn new...

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Car hits gas truck, causing fire

Ohio residents who hop in their cars and hit the road every day should be able to do so without fear that an accident will happen. Sadly, that is not the reality of the world in which we live today. At any given point, an automobile accident can happen and much of the...

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Detailing the dangers of falls

Falls seem like such simple and harmless events, yet as many of those in Hamilton that we here at Meziboy Butler have worked with in the past can attest to, they can easily produce tragic results. This is especially true if you work in the construction industry. You...

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Detailing the Glasgow Coma Scale

People oftenn come to us here at Mesibov Butler after having seen a loved one sustain a traumatic head injury in Hamilton with the same question: To what extent can he or she recover? The answer to this question may impact your decision to pursue legal action through...

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The 3 main types of distracted driving

You have insurance, follow all the traffic laws and work to drive defensively and never be distracted. This helps to keep you and your passengers safe, and protects other drivers on the road. What happens when another driver's distracted driving leads to a situation...

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