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College And University Employment

Legal issues associated with employment in academia are unique. The environment, traditions and processes of colleges and universities provide special challenges that are considerably different than most other employment situations. When disputes or issues arise that threaten not only your employment but potentially your career as a professor as well, it is imperative that you have counsel who is competent and experienced in dealing with the special circumstances surrounding employment in higher education.

Reappointment, Promotion And Tenure

Reappointment, promotion and tenure (RPT) decisions at colleges and universities are generally accorded considerable deference by the courts. That means that a successful legal challenge to a negative outcome in the RPT process will depend upon an attorney’s particular expertise in this area of the law. Mezibov Butler has represented numerous academics and successfully assisted them with navigating through and, when necessary, challenging the validity and legality of an RPT decision.

Disciplinary Proceedings

Charges of academic misconduct or other allegations of inappropriate conduct by college or university professors can devastate a career. Mezibov Butler is skilled and experienced in representing academics whose employment and reputations have been threatened by charges of professional misconduct such as plagiarism or misappropriation of another’s research.

Contractual Disputes

Employment at colleges and universities is often secured by agreements and contracts that are complex and intertwined with university policies, procedures and outside third parties. It is recommended that professors or faculty members who are facing disputes arising from contracts associated with their employment or collateral matters obtain legal counsel who is qualified and experienced in dealing with these distinctive issues. Mezibov Butler has represented numerous faculty members in connection with contractual disputes and is committed to ensuring that its clients are treated fairly and in accordance with the terms and conditions of their employment agreements.

Graduate Students

Graduate students should be aware that they may be entitled to the same rights and protections as other faculty employees facing disciplinary charges or other challenges to their continued employment or enrollment at a college or university. If you are a graduate student and believe that you have been wrongfully discharged from employment or your status as a student has been terminated, you should contact our office to determine whether your rights have been violated.