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Should You Sign A Noncompete Agreement?

Upon terminating high-level executives and other professionals, many companies insist on these former employees signing noncompete agreements. Such agreements can be cause for concern for an executive. In some circumstances, the agreement can severely limit his or her career opportunities.

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When you sign a noncompete agreement, you are agreeing not to engage in a profession or trade that competes against your employer. A noncompete agreement can also prevent you from seeking similar work within a certain geographic area or within a certain period of time. Employment contracts such as these often lead executives and professionals to be concerned about the availability of future job opportunities.

In some situations, employees may be required to sign a noncompete agreement as part of a severance agreement to receive severance pay. These agreements and other types of employment contracts should be reviewed by one of the skilled employee rights attorneys at our firm.

Mezibov Butler offers noncompetition contract review, drafting, negotiation and litigation. We understand the concerns of executives and other professionals. We know that when these professionals leave their companies, they are subject to considerable risk to their incomes, reputations and future career options. With guidance from our firm, some of these risks can be mitigated.

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