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For most corporate executives and professionals, a mass layoff or other type of employment termination is just the beginning of their concerns. These employees must deal with many decisions regarding noncompete agreements, confidentiality agreements and severance agreements. If you are one of the many executives facing termination of employment, turn to a Cincinnati law firm that can help you sort through the contract issues and emerge with your rights and future intact.

Mezibov Butler can assist with your inquiries regarding employment termination. Call our firm at 513-621-8800 to arrange your consultation with a skilled employee rights attorney.

The following are three common agreements that employees are required to sign in regard to employment termination. One of the lawyers at our firm can assist you with all employment termination and agreement matters. We handle contract drafting, review, negotiation and litigation.

  • Noncompete agreements: By signing a noncompete agreement, you are agreeing not to pursue a profession or trade against your employer. Noncompete agreements can include language that prohibits you from seeking similar work within a geographic locale or within a certain time frame.
  • Confidentiality agreements: By signing a confidentiality agreement, also known as a nondisclosure agreement, you are agreeing not to disclose trade secrets and copyrighted information to third parties.
  • Severance agreements: By signing a severance agreement, you waive your rights to sue your former employer. You will receive severance pay, benefits and, in some circumstances, “perks” such as temporary health insurance benefits.

It is important to have an attorney who understands complex employment contracts. At Mezibov Butler, we are committed to protecting the rights of executives and other professionals.

As trial attorneys, we stand ready to defend and protect your rights in the courtroom. While most employment termination issues are resolved in negotiations, we are willing and prepared to proceed to the courtroom.

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