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Should You Sign A Confidentiality Agreement?

Companies frequently ask employees to sign confidentiality agreements. Also known as a nondisclosure contract, a confidentiality agreement deems certain information regarding the business as confidential. When an executive or professional is required to sign a confidentiality agreement in relation to employment termination, the employee understandably has many concerns regarding future employment opportunities.

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A confidentiality agreement covers many creative, tangible and intellectual ideas and components of a company. This information includes ideas, trade secrets, patents, copyrighted material, software, research and development, production, costs, finances, customers, clients, marketing schemes, business models, business plans and more.

By signing a confidentiality agreement, you are agreeing not to disclose this information to third parties. A third party could include any future employer or competitor of the company.

At Mezibov Butler, we review, draft, negotiate and litigate nondisclosure agreements. We recognize both the need for companies to have noncompete agreements and the severe limitations placed on executives who will be launched back into the marketplace. Our attorneys protect our clients’ rights and interests while striving to mitigate the limitations brought on by employment agreements.

It is critical to have an attorney who understands the complexities of employment contracts. You can trust our firm to represent you and protect your interests in employment law matters. We are committed to protecting the rights of executives as they transition out of their current jobs.

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