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Promote Your Best Interests In An Employment Contract

Your employer has an attorney on its side. So should you.

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Today’s employees are often required to sign employment contracts with employers as a condition of hire, including:

  • Contracts for fixed-duration employment
  • Contracts for compensation, including bonuses and equity participation
  • Collective bargaining agreements for union employees
  • Noncompete agreements barring employees from working for competitors for a fixed period of time
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Severance agreements

These agreements may affect – and in some instances limit – your rights under a number of federal and state laws. Often, employers will negotiate terms of an agreement – but only if asked.

You can bet your employer has had an attorney look at the contract to make sure its best interests are protected. So should you. Contact an experienced employment attorney at Mezibov Butler.

Oral Agreements May Be Enforceable

An employment contract does not have to be in a formal format or even in writing to be enforceable. Certain oral agreements and promises may be enforceable as well. If you have entered into a verbal agreement and have questions or concerns about your rights, talk to one of our lawyers.

We Help Small Businesses, Too

Our attorneys primarily serve individuals, but we understand that sometimes small-business owners are the “little guys,” too. Mezibov Butler believes that ordinary people – and ordinary small businesses – deserve extraordinary legal representation. Our attorneys can review, draft, negotiate and, if necessary, help you enforce employment agreements to ensure that your most valuable assets, including trade secrets such as client lists, are protected.

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