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Protecting Whistleblowers Against Retaliation

Federal and state laws protect employees who are disciplined or fired because they report wrongdoing on the part of their employer or its management. Such laws include protection for employees who report workplace safety violations, financial and accounting irregularities, wage and hour violations, sexual harassment or violation of health and environmental regulations.

Often, employees will unwittingly and unexpectedly find themselves privy to information suggesting that someone in a corporate or government environment is engaging in illegal acts. Due to fear of retaliation, many employees who learn of such violations or other wrongdoing hesitate to report it.

At Mezibov Butler, our experienced employment attorneys will assess your situation and provide you with advice and support regarding how best to proceed with the knowledge of your employer’s illegal behavior. If you have already been terminated or otherwise retaliated against for reporting misconduct, we are prepared to challenge the adverse action taken against you and hold your employer financially liable in court.

If you believe you may have information protected by whistleblower statutes or that you have experienced retaliation as a result of engaging in activity protected by law, contact Mezibov Butler. Many of these laws require employees to engage in specific processes and file claims in a limited amount of time with the appropriate agency, so it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can assess your situation and provide you with the legal know-how to protect your rights.