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Addressing Legal Questions About Executive Compensation

When a business executive or other professional leaves a corporation or another employer and loses his or her salary, large amounts of money are at stake. At Mezibov Butler, we advise executives in matters such as compensation package planning and negotiations. Disputes can also frequently arise regarding the extent to which the outgoing employee is owed compensation. Our trial lawyers will be in your corner at every stage should a dispute arise.

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The compensation of business executives and other professionals is often comprised of an intricate mix of equity-based compensation, deferred compensation, supplemental retirement, severance agreements and bonuses. Attorneys at our firm are skilled and experienced in executive compensation matters such as:

  • Equity-based compensation, including stock options, stock appreciation rights, employee stock purchase plans, stock equivalents, performance shares and other corporate stock shares
  • Deferred compensation in the form of supplemental executive retirement plans, tax-qualified defined benefit retirement plans and supplemental defined contribution plans
  • Severance agreements that combine pay with benefits such as temporarily continued health insurance benefits under COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) and other perks

If you are an executive who believes that your rights to compensation, benefits or equity participation in an enterprise have been unjustly denied, you need the assistance of an attorney with experience in the courtroom, not simply the corporate boardroom. At Mezibov Butler, we know that effective representation of executives seeking enforcement of their compensation plans usually requires aggressive representation. Our firm’s extensive litigation experience, combined with our small size, provides us with the unique ability to provide our executive clients with top-rate representation and a high level of personal attention.

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