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When A Medical Device Causes Injury

From pacemakers to artificial knees, millions of people in the United States have undergone surgical procedures to implant medical devices. While the focus tends to be on the positive aspects of these devices, they can also be extremely dangerous and each year, thousands of injuries and deaths are linked to defective medical devices.

For patients, all medical implants and devices carry inherent risks. However, some are more dangerous than others.

Why Are Metal-On-Metal Hip Implants So Dangerous?

A metal-on-metal total hip replacement system is comprised of a metal ball that is affixed to the top of the thigh bone and fits into a metal cup that simulates the hip socket.

When an individual walks, parts of a metal-on-metal hip implant rub against each other. Over time, this constant friction can cause the metal components to weaken and break down, resulting in the buildup and release of tiny metal ions around the hip joint and into the bloodstream. If either of these serious problems occurs, an individual may suffer harm and injury, including:

Infections – Serious infections in the soft tissues and bones around the implant

Pain and disability – Severe joint pain cysts and damage and loss of soft tissue

Other serious complications – Metal poisoning, bone loss, chronic inflammation and irreparable cell damage

Helping Victims Of Defective Medical Devices Recover Compensation

Often, individuals who experience complications from medical devices must undergo additional surgical procedures to repair, remove or replace the defective components. In addition to the financial costs, these types of corrective procedures put an individual at risk of suffering more complications, injury and pain.

If you experienced the devastating effects of a defective medical device firsthand, you know that the physical, financial and emotional costs are significant. Under Ohio tort law, you may be able to file a defective medical product case to recover compensation for your injuries and hold the manufacturer of a defective medical device accountable.

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