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How A Severance Agreement Can Protect Financial Interests

When an executive leaves a company, he or she can face many financial uncertainties. These financial uncertainties can be mitigated through a severance agreement, which entitles the employee to receive severance pay. An experienced lawyer from Mezibov Butler can review your agreement, protect your interests and offer skilled guidance should a dispute arise.

Termination of employment can result in many questions and concerns regarding a compensation package and termination benefits. Our law firm offers representation you can rely on during this important time of transition. Call 513-621-8800 to arrange your consultation.

Executives who have been terminated or have been part of a mass layoff may need to sign several types of employment contracts. When an employee signs a severance agreement, he or she cannot take legal action against the employer. Additionally, an employee may also be required to sign a noncompete agreement, confidentiality agreement or both. One of the knowledgeable attorneys at our firm can review all agreements you are required to sign regarding your termination of employment.

Severance pay is based on the length of employment and the employee’s weekly salary or wages. A severance package will generally include benefits or perks, including COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) health insurance benefits.

Mezibov Butler regularly represents corporate executives in agreement negotiations. We safeguard our clients’ best interests, seeking fair severance agreement packages that provide adequate compensation. We have been successful in negotiating for severance pay above and beyond employers’ initial offers.

To speak with an attorney regarding your severance agreement or to have an attorney review an agreement, call our firm at 513-621-8800 or contact us online to arrange your consultation.