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How to prevent road construction zone accidents and worker injury

When most people think of construction accidents in Cincinnati, they think of the kind that occurs from working on buildings. Many of them do not realize the dangers workers who work on the roadways face. Damaged roads are a big hazard for motorists. Cars in construction zones are a big hazard for road workers. Road construction is necessary to improve road conditions and keep them from being in a state of disrepair. 

Parents might be held liable for guns in children’s reach

The right to bear arms is considered by many to be a basic American right. The laws for owning and carrying a firearm in Ohio are relatively lenient, compared to other states. This may lead to some confusion as to whether you can hold another parent responsible if your child was injured at a friend’s home when a gun was left unattended. Our team at Mezibov Butler can answer your questions on this important topic.

What Can I Do If I'm Targeted In A Road Rage Incident?

You may have been in a car accident already, and that by itself is frightening enough. The thought of being deliberately targeted by an angry driver is downright terrifying. As people’s schedules become more hectic and traffic becomes more congested, there are drivers in Ohio and elsewhere who can become impatient or aggressive at the drop of a hat. Is there anything you can do to prevent or safely escape from a road rage attack?

What should you know about back braces?

Ohio residents who have injured your back in a car accident may be asked to wear a back brace for a period of time. Of course, the doctor that you see will give you specific instructions based on your injury. This will allow you to get the most out of the brace. But what else should you know about back braces?

Construction workers and traumatic brain injury

Ohio construction workers oftenn must perform their work on scaffolding, roofs, tall ladders and other precarious places. Consequently, they face a substantial risk of falling and hitting their heads. Any head injury can be serious, and some result in a traumatic brain injury.

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