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Truck accident kills woman in passenger vehicle

On any given day in Ohio, an automobile crash can happen. For the lucky people, these incidents can be minor and result in no injuries to any persons and minimal to no damage to vehicles or other property. At the other end of the spectrum, however, are those accidents that not only injure people or damage property but that also claim the lives of people. Along the way, those close to the people killed are left to grive and attempt to make sense of what is generally a senseless-seeming thing.

Analyzing the “one bite free” rule

Dogs are relied upon by many in Hamilton to provide comfort and companionship. Unfortunately, as many of those that we here at Mesibov Butler have worked with have learned, these are still animals whose aggressive nature can pose a risk to others. You may have noticed that after a dog attacks a person, the owner will oftenn express shock and portray the animal as a gentle creature who would not hurt even a fly. He or she may believe such assertions to be true given the interactions he or she has had with the dog. Yet even in cases where a dog has not demonstrated menacing behavior in the past, can his or her owner be held liable if he or she attacks you?

Looking at fatal construction accident statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 937 construction workers employed in the private sector passed away during 2015. Tragically, this reflects the deadliest year for workers in this group since 2008, when 975 lost their lives. In Hamilton, and across all parts of Ohio, accidents on construction sites can leave family members with an overwhelming amount of emotional pain as well as financial struggles. For example, they may have trouble covering funeral costs or adjusting to life in many different ways after their loved one has passed on.

Study shows phone use in car an ongoing problem

Ohio residents no doubt hear plenty about distracted driving these days. It is a topic that is frequently referenced, especially now as April is distracted driving month. However, despite growing awareness that the use of phones to text or make calls by hand while driving is dangerous, it appears that many people are simply unwilling to stop doing so. Cellphone use has become so much a normal part of life that it remains a big challenge to put these gadgets aside when behind the wheel.

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