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Month: March 2019

Stay safe around motorcyclists

As the weather begins to warm up in Ohio, drivers will notice there are more motorcyclists on the road. Accidents with motorcycles can be devastating, and there are certain safety tips all drivers should be aware of so everyone can share the road safely and accident...

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Types of post-accident amputations

People in Ohio who are involved in any type of motor vehicle accident may find themselves with lifelong injuries as a result of the incidents. In some cases, damage to an arm or a leg may not be able to be repaired fully and a person might have to undergo an...

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Stop falls before they happen

Ohio residents may sometimes feel most safe when they are at home. However, even in the safety of their homes, people may slip and fall and these incidents can result in serious injuries.Some people may think it is not a big deal if they fall in their home....

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