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March 2019 Archives

Proving That An At-Fault Driver Was Texting And Distracted

In Ohio, drivers who are cited for violating the state’s texting and driving ban may see their insurance rates increase by as much as 35 percent. This significant insurance hike is just one reason that many drivers who are involved in crashes and collisions are reluctant to admit they were texting.

Can you prevent backover accidents on construction sites?

When you work on an Ohio construction site, you might get hurt in a variety of ways. However, you may not expect a vehicle to back over you. Workers may easily die in these accidents, as discussed in a previous blog post. To stay safe on a construction site, it is important to understand how you can prevent these incidents from occurring. 

Stay safe around motorcyclists

As the weather begins to warm up in Ohio, drivers will notice there are more motorcyclists on the road. Accidents with motorcycles can be devastating, and there are certain safety tips all drivers should be aware of so everyone can share the road safely and accident free.

Types of post-accident amputations

People in Ohio who are involved in any type of motor vehicle accident may find themselves with lifelong injuries as a result of the incidents. In some cases, damage to an arm or a leg may not be able to be repaired fully and a person might have to undergo an amputation. It can be helpful to have a basic understanding of what might be involved in amputation surgery and recovery and how a person can move forward in their life after such an experience.

Ohio doctor and hospital accused of 22 wrongful deaths

A doctor who worked from 2008 to 2013 as a resident in Ohio's Cleveland Clinic is under suspicion of causing wrongful patient deaths. The doctor, most recently employed by the Mount Carmel Health System located in Columbus, is under investigation by both hospital systems, as well as by the Ohio State medical authorities.

What is the statute of limitations for personal injury cases?

The law places limits on how long after something happens it can go to court. This is for everyone's protection. It happens in criminal and civil law. This is known as the statute of limitations. Essentially, it means that after a certain amount of time, you nor the state of Ohio no longer has the right to bring a case to court. This is important for you to know and understand when it comes to personal injury cases because you want to be sure that your case makes it to court before the statute of limitations runs out. If you were to go to court after the allowed time period, the judge would have to throw out the case.

3 tips for reducing your auto insurance rate after a crash

Involvement in a car accident can create a lot of unexpected expenses, from medical bills to vehicle repairs. But one of the highest costs of a car crash is a spike in your auto insurance rates. According to a recent study, the average motorist who submits one collision claim ends up paying 41 percent more for car insurance.

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