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Month: August 2019

The link between road construction and car wrecks

Encountering road construction can lead to long delays and feelings of frustration, but it can also lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Your chances of getting into a fatal car crash may be higher in work zones than in other areas of the roadway. Even if you are...

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Recovering from a traumatic brain injury

Sustaining a traumatic brain injury can have extensive consequences on your livelihood. TBIs can impact your emotions, physical abilities and information processing capabilities. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be in recovery for years, possibly even...

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Premise liability categories to know

Accidents can lead to serious injuries and lasting problems. When another party's negligence causes those injuries, that party should pay for the injury, pain and suffering caused.Thankfully, a premise liability claim can aid in that process. The status of the...

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What is a spinal cord injury?

If you are like most people in Ohio, you have likely heard references to spinal cord injuries. These may frequently be the result of a motor vehicle accident. It is important to understand that no two spinal cord injuries are generally alike. There is a wide range of...

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