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Convertible rolls over on Ohio interstate

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Authorities continue to investigate a rollover crash on Interstate 70 that occurred in Preble County, Ohio, last Thursday evening. The accident caused the death of one of the vehicle occupants and sent the three others to the hospital. Additionally, the accident and the subsequent investigation caused a temporary shutdown of the eastbound traffic lanes in the vicinity of the crash. 

The crash has left authorities somewhat mystified, claiming it is unusual for a tire blowout to result in such catastrophic damage. In addition to the tire failure, witnesses also report the car driving at a high velocity. Therefore, authorities are considering speed as a potential contributing factor as well as driver inattention and lane change. 

Medical units from several nearby jurisdictions, including two medical helicopters, responded to the crash. While the investigation into the crash went on into the night, authorities allowed only the left eastbound lane to open, keeping the center and right lane closed. 

Bearing Indiana registration, the convertible contained four female occupants. The force of the impact threw one passenger clear of the vehicle, where she died at the scene. The other three occupants sustained injury when the vehicle came to rest on its top. The driver and two other passengers all appear to have been wearing seatbelts, but it still remains for authorities to determine whether the passenger who died had been wearing a restraint. Authorities reported that one of the three who required hospitalization was in critical condition, but such specifics are not available for the other two. 

Being a passenger injured in a car accident is both frightening and frustrating because one has little control over the outcome. It may be helpful to discuss the case with an attorney. 


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