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Protecting workers from heat

July and August typically produce the hottest temperatures of the year both in Hamilton and throughout the rest of the U.S. Most may assume that extreme heat only presents a health risk to small children or the elderly. Yet otherwise healthy adults (particularly those whose jobs expose them to the elements, such as construction workers) are also at risk of suffering heat-related injuries or illnesses. In fact, according to information shared by the Washington Post, there were 31 occupational deaths due to heat exposure as recently as 2012.

3 common head injuries after a car accident

Car accidents are a major cause of traumatic brain injuries, or TBI. Trauma to your brain can occur during a car crash if your skull strikes an object such as the windshield or steering wheel. However, you may still get a brain injury even if you did not hit a physical object. Sometimes simply the sheer force of a collision can cause your brain to hit the internal bone of your skull.

Life after a serious injury

Serious injuries occur more oftenn in Ohio than one might initially think. Injuries such as concussions, disfigurement, burns, and spine damages can result in long-term health issues among patients. Various resources supply patients and families with tools they need to better understand their situation, as well as the effects to expect in life post-injury. 

Be smart and safe: Concussions

As research explains more of the dramatic effects concussions can have on the human brain, Ohio's lawmakers have taken steps to protect youth in sports. Although concussions can happen from a number of circumstances, more and more parents have been concerned that their children's participation in sports can end up with long-term injuries.

What you need to know about whiplash

To prevent a collision, it's wise to always keep at least one vehicle's length between your car and the one in front of you on the highway. Unfortunately, you cannot control how closely the driver in the car behind you decides to follow.

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