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Be smart and safe: Concussions

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2017 | Serious Injuries |

As research explains more of the dramatic effects concussions can have on the human brain, Ohio’s lawmakers have taken steps to protect youth in sports. Although concussions can happen from a number of circumstances, more and more parents have been concerned that their children’s participation in sports can end up with long-term injuries.

According to Cinncinatti.com, concussion management can be difficult unless people know how to identify the warning signs of a concussion. As a result, state law in Ohio requires all youth sports leagues and schools, both public and private, to train coaches, students and parents on the ways to recognize a concussion. This is especially important because concussions that go untreated can take more time to heal and in the unlikely event that another head injury occurs, the person is at risk of massive swelling of the brain. Symptoms of a concussion can take one to two days to develop, and many people 

Symptoms of a concussion can take one to two days to develop, and many people need between a week to ten days to heal, although in more serious injuries a person could require even more time to rest. Signs of a concussion can include light sensitivity, confusion, blurry vision, becoming dizzy, disorientation and behavioral changes, headaches, and vomiting. Children in the state who have had a concussion must not return to play sports until they no longer have symptoms, or at a minimum have returned to the base level determined by a pre-season physical.

As Cleveland.com reports, the state of Ohio was given a D by the “State of Safety” report by the National Safety Council for the overall safety of Ohio workplaces, roads, and homes. Yet when it came to the laws protecting youth from the dangers of concussions, the report stated that Ohio’s concussions laws are “on track” for keeping residents safe.

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