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Can medication physically harm you?

As a resident of Louisiana who relies on different medications for different health-related issues, you’re constantly placing your faith in the pharmaceutical industry. You trust that the things they provide you with are safe to use. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case, and you could end up seriously injured because of your trust.

Has your child suffered a traumatic brain injury?

If your children have played football or soccer, you know the feeling you get when they get a blow to the head and fall to the ground. If they do not get up pretty quickly, your heart just stops and your breath catches in your throat. Parents in Ohio and around the U.S. have this experience routinely as they sit on the sidelines and cheer on their kids.

How could your scarring impact your life?

After getting into a severe accident, you may find yourself dealing with the long-term effects for many years to come. Scarring is a big possibility. Fortunately, Mezibov Butler is here to help guide you through the financial aspects of these accidents, allowing you to get the compensation you deserve.

Fall hazards a continued threat for Construction workers

People in Ohio who work in the construction industry or who have loved ones employed in this industry have good reason to want to track the ongoing efforts to keep workers safe. Construction job sites by nature are dangerous but that does not eliminate an employer's responsibility to implement strong safety practices in order to prevent serious and even fatal injuries.

The real dangers of speeding

Drivers in Ohio understand that speeding is dangerous and illegal. However, it's not exactly uncommon to see people speeding, whether it's to get to an appointment on time or just to keep up with traffic. Here are some potentially surprising statistics about speeding that could make any driver rethink this habit.

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