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Construction workers at high risk for elevator accidents

If you are one of the many Ohio construction workers whose job it is to work in, on or around elevators, you risk injury and death much more than the people who ride in elevators to get to their apartment, their office, a restaurant or other places they need or want to go to in tall buildings. Approximately 31 people die each year in an elevator accident and over 17,000 people suffer injuries.

Report highlights concern about construction deaths

Even people who work in jobs and industries known to be extremely dangerous can find it disturbing to read reports that show just how safe or not a particular line of work might be. This is understandable as nobody in Ohio wants to be confronted with the fact that they have a chance of being seriously injured or killed on the job. Unfortunately a report issued by the Center for Construction Research and Training offers a bleak view of safety on U.S. Construction job sites.

Nerve damage you can receive in a car accident

As an Ohio resident who probably spends a lot of time in your car, driving back and forth to work, on errands, and taking your children to school and their various activities, you know that car crashes happen all too frequently. What you may not know, however, is that if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in one, it could leave you with lasting nerve damage.

Think whiplash is no big deal? Think again

If you were recently in a minor car accident, you might have noticed an increasing tenderness in your neck and shoulders over the following days. Not a problem, you think. It is only whiplash, and it will get better soon. However, you might not want to be so quick to discount a whiplash injury. For you and others in Ohio who are suffering from this type of injury, whiplash can become more than an inconvenient pain in the neck.

What is involved in recovering after amputation?

You have no doubt seen many people with artificial legs or arms and may even have marvelled at how they are able to get around and do almost anything that a person with all limbs can do. Residents in Ohio may experience life without a limb for many reasons and according to WebMD, serious car accident injuries may be one of these reasons.

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