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Month: February 2020

Driving on fewer than 6 hours of sleep can be deadly

Fatigued driving may not make as many headlines as something like drunk driving, but it can have ramifications that are just as serious. Tired drivers, and especially young drivers, tend to cause far more accidents than those who feel rested and alert behind the...

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Why is distracted driving a huge issue?

Driving takes a lot of concentration. When a driver is distracted by anything, they face the possibility of causing a serious wreck. While some people automatically associate cellphones with distracted driving crashes, there are many other things that can cause this...

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Time change linked to more car crashes

Many Ohio residents look forward to the advent of Daylight Saving Time. Not only does the change mean that spring weather is on the way, people look forward to later evenings of sunlight after leaving work or school. However, some warn that the switch in the clocks is...

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