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Does your religion affect your chance for promotion?

Sometimes taking a career to the next level is difficult, but not because you are not qualified. You perform your work well, you take on extra assignments and like other responsible employees, you occasionally put in some overtime. However, you are aware of an uncomfortable undercurrent at work. Because of certain comments, teasing or otherwise, you know a prejudice exists because of your religious beliefs. You may have been passed over for promotion, and you sense this is the reason. The problem now is what to do about it.

State representative arrested for drunk driving

Ohio residents should be able to look to the law to help keep them safe. Similarly, they should be able to look to their lawmakers for leadership in establishing those laws and for living out the practices that those laws embody. When these lawmakers fail to live up to the standards of the laws they help to put in place or uphold, it is understandable for the public to feel disappointed.

Graduated driving license may keep teens safe

Ohio parents who have teenagers at or nearing the age of learning how to drive may understandably be nervous. The thought of their kids taking the helm in a motor vehicle can be emotional and is just one more realization for moms and dads that their babies are no longer their babies. On top of that, it is reasonable for parents to be concerned about their children's safety when driving.

What should I do after a car accident?

Car accidents are the norm on many roadways in Ohio. Average motorists may experience a few car accidents in their lifetime. However, those chances increase dramatically when other factors are present, such as drunk motorists, speeding and reckless drivers. Knowing how to avoid those factors can help keep you safe. But knowing how to handle the aftermath of a car accident can protect your rights and keep you from experiencing legal and financial complications in the future.

What is sexual harassment?

Every day many women in Ohio encounter varying forms of sexual harassment in the workplace. They are subject to inappropriate gestures, comments, conversations and other behaviors that belittle them and make them feel uncomfortable. Many employers and their workers know that sexual harassment is illegal. Many workplaces have policies in place to discourage it. But that does not stop it from going on. Women who wish to avoid a hostile workplace should take some time to learn about the different forms of sexual harassment and how to deal with them.

Understanding the different types of spinal cord injury

Like many Hamilton, upon hearing the term “spinal cord injury,” you may immediately conjure up images of people who are left completely paralyzed. While that may be the outcome in some cases, there are actually many different levels of spinal cord injury, each with the potential for a different outcome. As many of those that we here at Mezibov Butler have worked with in the past can confirm, understanding the type of injury that you or your loved one may have suffered could be a factor in your determining whether or not to seek legal action to help cover your injury expenses.

Know the signs of an imminent dog attack

Dogs are wonderful companions who can also be great service animals for the disabled if they are trained properly, but stressed out dogs can attack even when they have great temperaments otherwise. Once of the best ways you can protect yourself and your children from the dangers of a dog attack is by learning to see when dogs they are familiar with exhibit stress, and then to use that to teach them the general signs of a dog attack. Those signs are not the only important thing to know, though. You also need to understand how to best extricate yourself from the situation if there is an attack.

Defining the attractive nuisance doctrine

As winter progresses into spring and summer here in Hamilton, you and your family may be justly excited to once again enjoy warm weather activities such as swimming and watersports. Yet as we here at Mesibov Butler can attest to, such activities can pose unforeseen risks, particularly to small children. Your hope may be that those who own swimming pools or hot tubs have taken the necessary precautions to protect your children from them. If not, and your child drowns or is injured in them, you may be able to hold such owners liable.

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