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Dog not seized or euthanized after attacking boy

People in Ohio should be able to trust that if they are ever attacked by an unprovoked dog, authorities will work to ensure that dog is not allowed to hurt someone ever again. Unfortunately there are times when this means euthanizing the dog but if that is what it takes to prevent another attack on a human, that is what should happen. The decision to put a dog down after mauling a person should be made promptly yet in the case of one boy who required life flight to a hospital after being bitten by a dog, that did not happen.

What happens when a construction accident harms the public?

It’s been several months since the tragedy last March, in which a bridge under construction near Florida International University collapsed, killing five motorists and one construction worker. You may encounter construction projects every day on your way to and from work, and wonder if the giant crane hanging over the construction site or the large work trucks moving in and out of traffic pose a danger to others who aren’t working on the project. As the bridge accident proves, construction accidents can impact not only workers, but also innocent bystanders in Ohio and elsewhere.

Distracted driving not always manual

For several years now, residents in Ohio have heard people warn of the dangers of distracted driving. To a large degreee, the emphasis here has been on texting or the handheld use of a phone to make and answer calls while actively driving. However, these are far from the only forms of distraction out there. In fact, research shows that some of the technological advances many consumers believe increase their safety against distracted driving remain highly distracting and therefore highly dangerous.

Ohio excavator in OSHA's Severe Violation Enforcement Program

There seem to be no end to the types of risks workers in the construction industry in Ohio face on the job. Working around heavy materials and machinery, at great heights and near electricity are just some of these risks. Construction employes who work in trenches also must deal with dangers but should be able to trust that their employers have proper safety plans and procedures in place to protect them. 

Head injuries can have a delayed onset

Something that a lot of people do not know about traumatic head injuries is that symptoms may not be initially present and can actually develop days or weeks after an accident. This is particularly important in motor vehicle crashes, because the victim of a head trauma may not think he or she is injured at first, but then discover the injury later.

Criminal sentence set for drunk and high driver

Residents in Ohio who are worried about the reckless behavior of others and how it may put them and their families in jeopardy have good reason for their concerns. Despite widespread public awareness and increasingly tough laws, too many people continue to make negligent choices such as driving when they are drunk or under the influence of drugs. This leaves families mourning losses they should never have to endure.

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