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Month: September 2019

Burn injuries in accidents

You have no doubt seen or heard reports about accidents in Ohio in which a person has experienced burn injuries. The person may even have experienced other types of injuries in addition to burns. These can result from motor vehicle accidents, accidents on a job...

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The ups and downs in car accidents trends in Ohio

Everyone likes to label some place as having the worst drivers in America. While you may think that most of that is just opinion, sometimes, facts validate assumptions. According to a list QuoteWizard compiled, Ohio came in eighth place for bad driving. At the...

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What to do after a concussion

A blow to the head in Ohio can result in a concussion. The resulting decrease in neurologic function is usually temporary, and a concussion does not cause structural damage to the brain. Nevertheless, a concussion is still a traumatic brain injury and requires...

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Bedsore risks for nursing home residents

Watching a parent grow older and more immobile can be difficult. So, too, can deciding to move your parent into a nursing home where he or she can get the level of care he or she needs to get by. Once your parent loses the ability to easily move about on his or...

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Key facts about the new scooter craze

Over the last year, electric scooter companies have worked hard to popularize their product, and it is working. All over the country, more and more people find convenience and fun entertainment on motorized scooters.Unfortunately, with the influx of riders has also...

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