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Fiery crash on Interstate 65 injures 2, kills 1

It may be possible to avoid a car crash in Ohio by simply following the rules of the road. One of the most basic rules is maintaining one's vehicle in a forward motion when driving in traffic lanes. Unfortunately, one driver on Interstate 65 in Indiana appears to have disregarded this rule, not only paying the ultimate price but sending two others to the hospital as a result. 

What to do after a concussion

A blow to the head in Ohio can result in a concussion. The resulting decrease in neurologic function is usually temporary, and a concussion does not cause structural damage to the brain. Nevertheless, a concussion is still a traumatic brain injury and requires certain responses to help ensure a full recovery. 

Construction site brain injuries: What you should know

Construction site brain injuries are some of the common worksite injuries in the industry. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reported that in 2016, the construction industry had the most nonfatal and fatal traumatic brain injuries when compared to all U.S. industries that year. Traumatic brain injuries can occur from falls, vehicle accidents and falling objects. The number one cause of TBI in the construction industry is falls from scaffolds, ladders, high beams and roofs. Educating yourself on these types of brain injuries may help to minimize your risk at obtaining a TBI. 

How does burn depth relate to degree?

The severity of a burn injury in Ohio depends upon how deeply the damage extends beneath the surface of the skin. In the past, doctors classified burn wounds according to degrees. First-degree burns are the least serious type, involving only the epidermis. Second-degree, third-degree and (according to some scales) fourth-degree burns are more serious. 

Bedsore risks for nursing home residents

Watching a parent grow older and more immobile can be difficult. So, too, can deciding to move your parent into a nursing home where he or she can get the level of care he or she needs to get by. Once your parent loses the ability to easily move about on his or her own, it becomes increasingly important that others help him or her shift positions and otherwise move about as much as possible.

Key facts about the new scooter craze

Over the last year, electric scooter companies have worked hard to popularize their product, and it is working. All over the country, more and more people find convenience and fun entertainment on motorized scooters.

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