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Fiery crash on Interstate 65 injures 2, kills 1

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Car Accidents |

It may be possible to avoid a car crash in Ohio by simply following the rules of the road. One of the most basic rules is maintaining one’s vehicle in a forward motion when driving in traffic lanes. Unfortunately, one driver on Interstate 65 in Indiana appears to have disregarded this rule, not only paying the ultimate price but sending two others to the hospital as a result. 

The accident occurred late Friday afternoon. Authorities have not released any identifying information about the driver who died, not even in regard to gender. Witnesses describe the driver in the left northbound lane of Interstate 65 in Bartholomew County with the car in reverse, traveling in a southbound direction. The reasons behind this strange alleged behavior are not entirely clear, but reports indicate that the driver may have been heading toward a cross-over. In any case, another vehicle containing two occupants struck the first.

Following the impact, the first vehicle, the one that had reportedly been traveling in reverse, became engulfed in flames. Authorities pronounced the driver dead at the scene. The passenger of the other vehicle, the one that allegedly struck the first, required an airlift to a hospital in Indianapolis. The driver of the second vehicle sustained non-life-threatening injuries that nevertheless required transportation to a local hospital. No information is available as to the current condition of either occupant of the second vehicle. 

The northbound lanes of Interstate 65 between mile markers 64 and 68 remained closed for approximately 3-1/2 hours following the collision. The accident is still under investigation. Parties injured in an automobile accident in which someone else failed to abide by the rules may wish to speak to an attorney. 

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