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Month: September 2018

Know what to do when injured in an Uber

Ridesharing apps have skyrocketed in Ohio in recent years. It seems as though it has never been easier to find a ride, especially in larger cities like Cincinnati. Although Uber and Lyft offer convenience, the drivers are not immune from being in crashes. You do...

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Drugged, drunk trucker kills one

When accepting a driver's license, a person in Ohio should be keenly aware of the responsibility that they hold while simultaneously enjoying the privilege of driving. This responsibility can be even greater when the person chooses to drive for a living and operate a...

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Who is at fault when you get hurt on public property?

As you go about your daily errands and activities, you are likely setting foot on a wide variety of different public properties owned by many different people and businesses. If you suffer an injury while taking part in any of these activities, you may wonder exactly...

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