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September 2018 Archives

Falls the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults

Anytime anyone takes a serious fall in Ohio, they run the risk of suffering a severe, debilitating injury, but when older Americans fall down, the repercussions oftenn prove even more serious and potentially deadly. At Mezibov Butler, we understand just how upsetting it can be when someone else’s negligence contributes to a fall, and we have helped many people spanning all age groups pursue appropriate recourse in the aftermath of a slip-and-fall accident.

Preschooler dies; second child injured in crash

People in Ohio are oftenn saddened when they hear reports of people being killed in car accidents. When those persons who died are young children, however, the sadness can be even deeper and the whole experience may feel more tragic. For those people who lose their precious children in senseless motor vehicle accidents, it can be a daily challenge to learn how to go on with their own lives.

3 important pieces of protective equipment in construction

If you drive around the Cincinnati area oftenn, it is difficult not to notice the abundance of construction taking place throughout the city. While the growth is good and the economy oftenn benefits, it can also pose some new risks—especially for the workers who are responsible for the construction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 36,000 people work in construction and extraction in the Cincinnati area.

Drugged, drunk trucker kills one

When accepting a driver's license, a person in Ohio should be keenly aware of the responsibility that they hold while simultaneously enjoying the privilege of driving. This responsibility can be even greater when the person chooses to drive for a living and operate a large, commercial vehicle. Even when it comes to determining intoxication by alcohol, commercial drivers are held to a different standard where impairment is said to be evident with a blood alcohol content of 0.04 percent compared to 0.08 percent for other drivers.

Can negligence toward motorcyclists cause crashes?

When motorcyclists in Ohio hit the road, you're unfortunately taking a bigger risk than most. Other vehicles are oftenn at fault for causing motorcycle-related incidents because drivers do not notice or see you on the road. In turn, this leads to potentially catastrophic injury because of your vehicle size. Mezibov Butler highlights the exact dangers that negligent behavior toward motorcyclists can cause.

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