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Stop falls before they happen

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Premises Liability |

Ohio residents may sometimes feel most safe when they are at home. However, even in the safety of their homes, people may slip and fall and these incidents can result in serious injuries.

Some people may think it is not a big deal if they fall in their home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that although some people do not incur severe injuries when they fall, others do. Some people might incur a head wound if they hit their head as they fall. This can be serious because some blows to the head might result in a brain injury. Other people might fracture their ankle or wrist when they fall, and some senior citizens might break a hip. Additionally, a fall might be particularly hazardous for the elderly.

There are many steps people can take to make sure they do not fall inside their homes. According to Everyday Health, it is a good idea to put non-slip mats in areas that may get wet. Some people may want to place a non-slip mat in front of their kitchen sink or at each entrance to the house so they do not slip when they come inside on a rainy day. Additionally, a person may want to put a non-slip mat inside the shower or bathtub. Some people might also want to put grab bars in their bathroom so people have something to hold onto if they feel unsteady in the shower. 

Additionally, a person might trip and fall if he or she does not see tripping hazards. It is a good idea to make sure staircases and hallways have enough light so people can see potential hazards before they encounter them. Some people might also want to remove clutter from their home. Stacks of papers and toys can easily become tripping hazards if people leave them heavily-trafficked areas of a home.

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