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Four people taken to hospital after rear-end accident

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Ohio residents know that motor vehicle accidents are a sad reality of life on area roads. This reality is part of why automobile insurance is important and why so much emphasis is put on laws to encourage people to drive safely. Whether following the speed limit, ceding the right of way to another vehicle or obeying traffic signals and more, there are many things that can help people reduce their risk of being in an accident.

However, even when a driver does everything right and follows all of the laws, they may still be impacted by an accident because they cannot count on other drivers to operate vehicles safely at all times. Such is the case for one person who was taken to the hospital after being hit from behind by a car that didn’t even stop initially. The incident occurred near Straight Arrow Road and County Line Road in Kettering.

Both vehicles involved in the wreck were headed north although the car in front was pushed into the southbound lane after being rear ended. The vehicle in the back failed to stop until it eventually ran into a pole. The two children and one driver in that car were taken to the hospital although their injuries are reportedly not as serious as those experienced by the person in the front car. It has been indicated that the rear driver has some type of medical condition but it is not known if that contributed to the crash or if there were other factors such as distraction, impairment or something else.

After an accident happens, Ohio residents may find it helpful to work with an attorney to understand the ways in which compensation may be sought.

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