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What is the lifetime cost of a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Serious Injuries |

If you have a loved one that survives a serious accident in Hamilton, your primary concern becomes dealing with any short- or long-term impairments he or she may have. Disabilities due to a traumatic brain injury are almost certain inflict a significant emotional toll on you and others. Along with that also comes the added financial cost of your loves one’s care. Those two elements together can lead to a great deal of stress and worry. Yet understanding the potential costs of a TBI might better prepare you to deal with such a challenge.

The total cost of a TBI will depend of its severity. It goes without saying that dealing with a major injury cost more than a minor one. Indeed, study information published by the Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America and shared by the National Institutes of Health shows the estimated cost per case of a mile TBI to range between $33,284 to $35,954, and that of a moderate TBI to fall between $25,174 and $81,153. The publication Research America also reports that severe TBI’s can have a lifetime cost in excess of $3 million.

Direct hospital care is one of the major factors that influences TBI costs. Data compiled by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and shared by Research America highlights the fact that average hospital stays due to TBIs are longer and more costly than all other injury-related admissions. On top of all that, TBIs have been identified as a risk factor for other conditions such as:

  •          Stroke
  •          Mood disorders
  •          Alzheimer’s disease
  •          Epilepsy
  •          Substance abuse

The treatment of these conditions can further drive up the cost of your loved one’s TBI case. These projections may influence on your decision to seek compensation after seeing a family member or friend sustain such an injury.


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