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Why is a medical examination crucial after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Many auto accident victims in Ohio and elsewhere choose to forgo a medical evaluation because they have no apparent injuries. However, some injuries like whiplash often remain hidden for several days or even weeks. Declining a trip to the doctor could harm.3 the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit that is filed after a car crash.

The successful navigation of a claim for damage recovery will not be possible if the plaintiff says he or she was injured without documented proof of doctor’s bills and other medical expenses. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize that they might have grounds for a lawsuit to pursue compensation for damages. A doctor might identify hidden injuries during a medical examination immediately or soon after the accident.

Eligibility for compensation will depend on whether the accident caused injuries that led to medical treatment, and that it resulted from another party’s negligence. The date of the accident also plays a vital role in eligibility. The Ohio statute of limitations on seeking recovery for personal injury damages is two years, and claims filed longer than two years after the accident will likely be barred, though there are some exceptions.

Not seeing a doctor in the days following the car crash can complicate claims for medical expenses without evidence to show that the medical treatment was for accident-related injuries. The same applies to lost wages and other monetary damages. Navigating personal injury claims in Ohio involve complicated legal proceedings that are typically best left to an experienced attorney. However, without documented proof of damages, even the best efforts of a skilled attorney might not be enough to justify a monetary judgment.

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