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3 hazards to avoid on the construction site

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2019 | Firm News |

Construction workers expend a great deal of energy in performing their jobs. The act of erecting a building around Cincinnati is no small feat and takes skilled professionals.

A construction site is one of the most hazardous work environments. The rate of injury for construction workers is higher than that of many other professions. To avoid becoming part of the statistic, keep a close eye out for these three dangers that are often present around the job site:

1. Falls

The most common injuries construction workers sustain are due to falls. Working around high-rise buildings increases the fall risk drastically. Falling from any height, even off a ladder, may leave a person in severe pain and with long-lasting physical injuries. Head impact, back injuries and fractures are just a few of the most common injuries caused by falling. To avoid this risk, wear the appropriate safety harness and exercise caution when traversing areas littered with tools and debris. Tripping leads to falling.

2. Hit by equipment

Some of the most vital equipment used in construction can also become the most dangerous. Getting hit by heavy machinery, like forklifts, is a risk around the job. The blame may lie with both the equipment operator and the person struck. The operator may not see everything clearly due to blind spots. Anyone walking nearby needs to stand out with a bright vest. Never walk behind a vehicle, even if it appears parked. Construction companies do not always ensure operators receive proper training. Thus, never operate something unfamiliar.

3. Caught in a trench

Trench work is vital to almost every construction project. However, they can also prove extremely dangerous to workers. Never enter a trench deeper than five feet without the proper support system. Otherwise, the trench may start to collapse on top of the unsuspecting worker. Utilize shield systems to better maintain stability.

If you have already experienced a construction site hazard that resulted in an injury, you may want to consult an attorney for help.

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