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Several dangers you may find poolside

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Premises Liability |

Enjoying a dip in the pool can be a great, refreshing way to beat the heat of summer in Ohio. However, as fun as pools are, they are also a hotspot for incidental injuries. Read on to learn more about the biggest possible accident magnets one may face when spending time poolside.

FindLaw takes a look at some of the most common pool-related injuries overall. Many dangers present themselves before a person even gets to the water. Wet, slippery decks are the cause of plenty of incidents in which a person slips, falls, and hits their head on the hard ground. They may even knock themselves unconscious and fall into the pool, presenting a drowning risk. This is why cautionary signs are so important.

Healthy Children, meanwhile, specifically singles out the dangers posed to younger children near pools. They are often attracted to the reflective surface of the water, but they are not yet strong enough to swim without support or supervision. It can take only seconds for a child to escape the watchful eye of a caretaker and go under the water, leading to many cases of accidental death or injury by drowning.

Pool depth is also an issue for people of all ages. Many enjoy diving into the water. However, if it is too shallow, that can lead to head injury when the person dives. Some never know this is even a risk because the dangers are not properly warned for.

These different risk factors combine to create unique dangers that pool-goers can face any time they go for a swim. Without the proper safety precautions and warnings, the risks are amplified, leading to even more potential harm.

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