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Is the road at fault for your crash?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2019 | Car Accidents |

As a resident of Ohio who has gotten into a single-car crash, you know that it isn’t about the negligence of the driver. In many cases, it’s about the maintenance or composition of a road. Mezibov Butler is here to help defend you.

Single-car crashes can happen due to many different defects in the roadway. Maintenance is another big issue. This includes maintenance of the road itself, as well as the signage on or around the road. For example, faded paint lines that would help guide cars, divide lanes, or alert vehicles to where they should be stopping or slowing down are all important. If they’re hard to see, a crash can easily occur.

The condition of the road itself can also contribute to crashes and diminished safety. Roads with potholes, dips, cracks, and other issues are much more likely to cause a driver to crash. Poorly maintained roads may also need fresh pavement to improve their safety.

Finally, there are the layouts of roads. Some roads are simply more dangerous than others by way of design. For example, if you can’t see all obstacles before you make a turn at an intersection, you are more likely to get into a crash.

Have you been involved in a single-car crash that has left you dealing with vehicular damages, physical injuries, trauma, and more? Take a look at our web page on car crashes, linked here. You can scope out causes and cases yourself, and talk to experts who understand what you have gone through.

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