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Common mistakes after a personal injury accident

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Firm News |

Accidents occur on a daily basis, and the parties involved in the accidents may face serious issues in the aftermath. For those parties who receive injury due to the negligence of others, it may be possible to receive compensation through a personal injury claim. 

If you or a loved one are considering filing a claim, you should receive the most compensation possible. In order to accomplish this, there are a few mistakes you should try to avoid.

Not seeking medical attention

Most people are quick to seek medical attention in cases of serious injury. However, even if there are not visible injuries, it can be beneficial to see a physician. Receiving proper medical attention can help to eliminate any internal injuries and prevent certain serious injuries from developing. It also helps to validate the seriousness of the accident.

Talking to insurance

After an accident, you may be shaken up, for hours or even days. Speaking with your insurer or the insurer of the other party too soon may be damaging to your claim. Take some time to collect yourself, and when you do speak to the insurer, stick to the facts. Make sure that you share what happened in a concise manner, and stay consistent with the facts you give. Though you will need to speak with your insurer, you may be able to direct the insurer of the other party to your insurance company for your statement.

Lack of evidence

Evidence is key in any claim, and it is especially important in an injury case. The right evidence can help to support your claim and disprove any negative claims from the other party simultaneously. In many cases you should be able to collect an incident report, either online or at the local police department. It is important to obtain all the information of the other party at the scene. You should also make and keep a copy of any paperwork you submit.

Unfortunately, these mistakes are common, and there are other mistakes that parties can make. Working with legal professionals can help to decrease these mistakes and make sure that you get the reparations you deserve.

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