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What accidents can occur at the pool?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Premises Liability |

Ohio residents like you may enjoy taking a swim in a pool every now and then. Whether you’re enjoying a spa whirlpool, exercise at a public pool, or a splash in a hotel pool, it should be remembered that all pools have their dangers.

FindLaw takes a look at the different fatal and non-fatal injuries that can occur at pools, despite the extensive safety regulations often in place to ensure that such things don’t happen. Sometimes, safety gates are employed. There are also federal and state codes, laws and standards for pools that are meant to cut down on injuries. Lifeguards aren’t always present though, and these fail-safes don’t always work.

Some of the dangers outside of the pool can be improperly placed ladders or stairs, slippery pool decks, or pool tools like diving boards and noodles that aren’t used properly. If signs don’t warn for stairs, uneven surface, or how slippery the deck can be, it can create a hazardous situation. Poor lighting can also be an issue, as it decreases visibility.

Inside the pool can be just as dangerous. The most common risk is the possibility of drowning. People who can’t swim may sink to the bottom without being noticed. Someone who dives into an area that’s too shallow can suffer from traumatic brain injury and pass out. Pool drains are also hazardous as clothing, skin, or hair can become trapped and entangled, holding a person under water.

If you have suffered from any sort of pool related accident, you may be looking into premise liability laws to seek compensation. Consider speaking with an attorney for more information.

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