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What happens when a construction accident harms the public?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2018 | Firm News |

It’s been several months since the tragedy last March, in which a bridge under construction near Florida International University collapsed, killing five motorists and one construction worker. You may encounter construction projects every day on your way to and from work, and wonder if the giant crane hanging over the construction site or the large work trucks moving in and out of traffic pose a danger to others who aren’t working on the project. As the bridge accident proves, construction accidents can impact not only workers, but also innocent bystanders in Ohio and elsewhere.

Construction companies have an important duty to safeguard their crew and the general public from dangers around the construction site. Unfortunately, serious accidents at construction sites frequently occur, making this one of the country’s most dangerous industries. Workers oftenn face dangers, but sometimes others who are in the wrong place at the wrong time also suffer serious or fatal injuries.

Families of deceased filed lawsuits

As you may remember, in the case of the bridge collapse, a 950-ton section of the bridge fell onto several cars stopped below the site at a red light. Their families have filed lawsuits against the builders. National Transportation Safety Board officials told those involved in the project not to talk about the accident until an investigation is complete, which may take up to two years. However, engineers who inspected the plans and details surrounding the accident say they think the aesthetics-based design might have contributed in part to a weakness in the structure.

Victims may choose to pursue compensation

Construction sites are not always safe for those nearby. If you were impacted in an accident caused by a negligent construction worker or company, you may wish to explore your legal options. 

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