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Summertime is the most deadly season for car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Firm News |

You may think summer driving is safer than winter driving. After all, summer heat waves seem calm in comparison to winter storms. Interestingly enough, summer is the most dangerous time of year for driving. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute, July and August are the deadliest months for car accidents.

So, why do summer road trips come with more traffic fatalities? Here are some summertime traffic hazards that result in deadly crashes: 


When hot weather comes around, tourists start driving. Traffic congestion is not only frustrating, but it often has catastrophic consequences. Out-of-town motorists are unfamiliar with roads, causing them to drive unpredictably. You may also encounter impatient drivers who are prone to road rage. 

Teen drivers

Summer means no school, which means more teen drivers on the road. Unfortunately, teen motorists are often dangerous because they have a lack of experience that is more likely to result in collisions. Watch out for the new drivers on the streets this summer.

Motorcycles and bicycles

Bikers and cyclists come out in droves during warm weather. People with motorcycles and bicycles are itching for nicer weather, so you will need to be ready to share the road. Driving near bikes may make it more difficult for you to make traffic maneuvers, so make sure you are always alert and driving defensively. 


With the snow out of the way, the construction workers come out to work. Maintenance and construction zones are everywhere during summertime. It may be difficult to navigate through construction zones, especially when other drivers are not paying attention. 

Tire blowouts

Hot weather conditions cause your tires to expand. If your tires are worn out, you may experience a blowout. Check up on your tires regularly, especially when there is a heat wave coming through. You do not want to lose a tire while you are on the road.

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