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Construction: an inevitably dangerous industry

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2018 | Construction Accidents |

Many Ohio employees do not think twice about possible dangers when clocking in at work for the day; after all, a large majority of occupations pose a minimum threat to the everyday worker. However, those in the construction industry do not always have this privilege, and, in fact, face a considerable amount of hazards on any given shift. The following information delves into these potentially deadly hazards, and what the proactive steps the industry takes to avoid them.

EHS Today reports in an article on construction safety threats that one in five of all workplace fatalities are related to this field. Most commonly, workers died from electrocution, being caught between objects, falls and being struck by falling objects. EHS lauds New York’s system specifically when it comes to state regulations that protect workers. The state’s laws take extra steps to ensure workers receive proper care under negligent employers — a method that EHS believes all states in the country should adopt.

While workers’ compensation laws may depend on the state, there are a few safety tips workers can keep in mind to better protect everyone on the job. Concentrate calls the above most common causes of accidents the “Fatal Four,” and lists proactive steps employees can take to prevent them:

  • Maintain good lighting in the work environment
  • Train employees appropriately
  • Secure materials and tools
  • Use proper protective gear
  • Stack materials appropriately to prevent falling 

Of course, there are many other safety measures employees can observe to ensure a safe working environment, but Concentrate drives home the importance of training. When employers take the time to explain all possible hazards to employees, a working environment can become safer for everyone involved.  

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