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The real dangers of speeding

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in Ohio understand that speeding is dangerous and illegal. However, it’s not exactly uncommon to see people speeding, whether it’s to get to an appointment on time or just to keep up with traffic. Here are some potentially surprising statistics about speeding that could make any driver rethink this habit.

The U.S. Department of Transportation categorizes speeding as risky driving behavior, and for good reason. 10,111 people were killed in 2016 due to speed-related incidents. That makes up 27 percent of all fatal accidents that happened in that year. On a whole, it’s been estimated that one third of the fatal motor vehicle accidents over the last two decades have involved excessive speed.

Other factors can contribute to a driver’s speed outside of just being in a rush. For example, 37 percent of drivers who were speeding before a fatal accident were also impaired by alcohol. DUI-related crimes are also considered risky and reckless.

Elite Driving School also highlights the reckless nature of speeding while driving. They state that speeding is the third leading contributor in all automotive accidents. In addition to the large amount of fatalities tied to speeding, over 600,000 people also suffer from injuries in speed-related accidents. This is because speeding lends itself to other issues like lowered reaction times, loss of control over the vehicle on poor terrain, and a spike in the severity of the crash itself and its related injuries.

Those who have been injured in a speed-related accident may find their lives permanently altered. For the safety of others in addition to the driver themselves, it’s important for everyone to abide by the speed limit or face the legal consequences.

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