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A drunk driving accident can alter a life forever

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Most motorists in Cincinnati probably do not spend much time, if any, thinking about how much their lives can change if a drunk driver ever hits them. However, the risk can be high, as drunk driving accidents are a leading cause of catastrophic injury. Victims who sustain serious injuries after this type of collision often end up with mild concussions, brain hemorrhaging and severe brain damage. These injuries are frequently in addition to lacerations, broken bones and bruising. Some individuals who have brain damage and severe bruising die from the complications. 

Here is a drunk driving car accident scenario that could change a victim’s life.

Drunk driving cause and effect

Many people who drive drunk do not intend to hurt anyone, but alcohol slows down the brain’s ability to make good judgment calls and control coordination. This can lead the person to get behind the wheel and then be unable to operate the vehicle. So, a drunk motorist may not hit the brakes in time at an intersection and may rear-end a vehicle while it sits at a red light. The victim’s car is forced into the middle of the intersection where multiple vehicles strike it.

The impact of injuries

Supposing the victim in the vehicle in this scenario is fortunate enough to survive the accident. But, he or she suffered severe trauma to the brain and body. This not only affects that person, it also affects close relatives who must become caregivers to provide the support they require. Unfortunately, this is an all too common example of what happens in a drunk driving accident. 

After this type of collision, a victim with serious injuries may face challenges in filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance and holding that driver liable for the damages. Many people turn to an attorney who can take care of the business of achieving compensation while the victims recover from the physical effects of the crash.

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