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Burn attacks: more than disfigurement

Burn injuries can range from mild stovetop accidents to devastating and debilitating measures that can alter an individual's life forever. Many burn victims experienced injuries as a result of explosions, exposure to dangerous chemicals or house fires; others have endured physical attacks that left them disfigured and even clinging to life. In Ohio, lawmakers have recently changed the details of laws surrounding fire-related attacks by stiffening the legal penalties.

Work-related injuries and workers' rights

Every year, thousands of individuals experience catastrophic -- and even fatal -- injuries while at work. Many of these injuries involve the loss of a limb, disfigurement and the loss of a bodily organ system, and can result in an employee's permanent disability to work. Some injuries even require around-the-clock care and can hinder daily activities and general quality of life. In Ohio, there are injury and illness plans that help protect employees from such accidents and the overwhelming hospital bills that can occur as a result. However, it is important that workers understand their rights to better understand possible solutions in the case an accident does occur.

Life after a serious injury

Serious injuries occur more oftenn in Ohio than one might initially think. Injuries such as concussions, disfigurement, burns, and spine damages can result in long-term health issues among patients. Various resources supply patients and families with tools they need to better understand their situation, as well as the effects to expect in life post-injury. 

Be smart and safe: Concussions

As research explains more of the dramatic effects concussions can have on the human brain, Ohio's lawmakers have taken steps to protect youth in sports. Although concussions can happen from a number of circumstances, more and more parents have been concerned that their children's participation in sports can end up with long-term injuries.

What is the lifetime cost of a traumatic brain injury?

If you have a loved one that survives a serious accident in Hamilton, your primary concern becomes dealing with any short- or long-term impairments he or she may have. Disabilities due to a traumatic brain injury are almost certain inflict a significant emotional toll on you and others. Along with that also comes the added financial cost of your loves one's care. Those two elements together can lead to a great deal of stress and worry. Yet understanding the potential costs of a TBI might better prepare you to deal with such a challenge.

Detailing the Glasgow Coma Scale

People oftenn come to us here at Mesibov Butler after having seen a loved one sustain a traumatic head injury in Hamilton with the same question: To what extent can he or she recover? The answer to this question may impact your decision to pursue legal action through a negligence claim. While it may be impossible to know for certain the outcome of your family member or friend’s TBI right now, medical professionals have developed a scoring method to try and predict the extent of such injuries based upon his or her current level of response.

Understanding the different types of spinal cord injury

Like many Hamilton, upon hearing the term “spinal cord injury,” you may immediately conjure up images of people who are left completely paralyzed. While that may be the outcome in some cases, there are actually many different levels of spinal cord injury, each with the potential for a different outcome. As many of those that we here at Mezibov Butler have worked with in the past can confirm, understanding the type of injury that you or your loved one may have suffered could be a factor in your determining whether or not to seek legal action to help cover your injury expenses.

How will I know if my child has a TBI?

Car accidents, child abuse, falls and sports injuries are all culprits of one of the leading causes of death and disability in youth under the age of 19: traumatic brain injury. The Brain Injury Alliance states that, while many people survive brain injuries, the effects on children are less understood since their brains are still developing and changing. If your child has suffered a TBI in Ohio, the results may not be seen for years.

How do most traumatic brain injuries occur?

Whether you work in the construction industry, have children who regularly play on potentially dangerous equipment at school or spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheel, you should understand the risks that you face each day. Regrettably, many people suffer traumatic brain injuries that shatter their lives, preventing them from working or causing them to experience headaches and memory issues. In Hamilton, and other parts of Ohio, many of these injuries are the result of someone else's negligent behavior and could have been prevented.

Security measures nursing homes can take to protect patients

Many seniors in Ohio who are unable to live by themselves due to health reasons choose to live in nursing homes. They do so with the expectation of receiving the care and support they need to live happy and productive lives. However, there is a dark side to nursing homes that many people are starting to notice. Abuse and negligence allegations are increasing. Many incidents go unreported. Nursing homes should implement more security measures to protect their residents.

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