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Burn injury severity

A motor vehicle accident, a job-related incident and other situations may all find a person in Ohio facing a burn injury. Regardless of the original cause of a burn, appropriate medical care is important and so too is understanding the varying levels of severity that burn injuries may present themselves in.

Can medication physically harm you?

As a resident of Louisiana who relies on different medications for different health-related issues, you’re constantly placing your faith in the pharmaceutical industry. You trust that the things they provide you with are safe to use. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case, and you could end up seriously injured because of your trust.

Has your child suffered a traumatic brain injury?

If your children have played football or soccer, you know the feeling you get when they get a blow to the head and fall to the ground. If they do not get up pretty quickly, your heart just stops and your breath catches in your throat. Parents in Ohio and around the U.S. have this experience routinely as they sit on the sidelines and cheer on their kids.

How could your scarring impact your life?

After getting into a severe accident, you may find yourself dealing with the long-term effects for many years to come. Scarring is a big possibility. Fortunately, Mezibov Butler is here to help guide you through the financial aspects of these accidents, allowing you to get the compensation you deserve.

What is involved in recovering after amputation?

You have no doubt seen many people with artificial legs or arms and may even have marvelled at how they are able to get around and do almost anything that a person with all limbs can do. Residents in Ohio may experience life without a limb for many reasons and according to WebMD, serious car accident injuries may be one of these reasons.

Burn Awareness Week kicks off Monday, February 5

A burn can be one of the worst injuries a person can get. Unfortunately, burns are a common injury at home and at the workplace. To raise awareness of burn hazards, prevention and treatment, the American Burn Association has designated the first week of February as Burn Awareness Week. Ohio residents may avoid a tragedy by knowing the risks.

Broken ride at Ohio State Fair highlights amusement park dangers

Every year, millions of people go on rides at carnivals, fairs and amusement parks. Considering the fact that only a small fraction of ride attendees are injured, the risk may seem minimal. However, the risk of serious injury or death still exists with rides in Ohio and elsewhere, especially with temporary attractions that may involve less strenuous safety standards and employees without sufficient training.

Is a diagnosis for CTE in living patients in the near future?

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is a devastating brain disease that affects people who have suffered numerous blows to the head over the course of their lives. The symptoms of this illness resemble Alzheimer’s disease, but sufferers oftenn develop it earlier in life and it cannot be positively diagnosed until the sufferer has died and undergoes an autopsy. For many residents of Ohio and elsewhere, a diagnosis of this brain disease while patients are still alive may make a significant difference in the quality of their lives.

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