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Report highlights concern about construction deaths

Even people who work in jobs and industries known to be extremely dangerous can find it disturbing to read reports that show just how safe or not a particular line of work might be. This is understandable as nobody in Ohio wants to be confronted with the fact that they have a chance of being seriously injured or killed on the job. Unfortunately a report issued by the Center for Construction Research and Training offers a bleak view of safety on U.S. Construction job sites.

Contributing factors in electrical fires

Ohio construction workers have an inherently dangerous job. They work around heavy equipment, possibly hazardous chemicals or fumes, and face numerous health and safety risks from different sources. One potential risk that may not be considered as frequently is electrical fires.

Construction workers and traumatic brain injury

Ohio construction workers oftenn must perform their work on scaffolding, roofs, tall ladders and other precarious places. Consequently, they face a substantial risk of falling and hitting their heads. Any head injury can be serious, and some result in a traumatic brain injury.

Do you need to worry about winter accidents in construction?

For many communities, construction is primarily a spring and summer thing. People do not always expect to see others busy working on buildings or roads when the weather turns cold. However, the need for construction work does not go away in the winter, especially when it comes to routine building maintenance and repairing damaged roads. It can help you and other Ohio construction workers to understand the unique dangers you can face on a worksite in the winter.

Death at North Huntingdon storage yard

People in Ohio who hear reports detailing accidents that happen on job worksites are often upset by these stories. This is with good reason as there are many rules in place that are meant to prevent these incidents, most of which may well be deemed preventable. Sadly many companies do not make safety on the job the priority it should be. They may fail to train employees on safety procedures or they might not even require their workers to follow those procedures that may be in place.

Protecting workers from heat

July and August typically produce the hottest temperatures of the year both in Hamilton and throughout the rest of the U.S. Most may assume that extreme heat only presents a health risk to small children or the elderly. Yet otherwise healthy adults (particularly those whose jobs expose them to the elements, such as construction workers) are also at risk of suffering heat-related injuries or illnesses. In fact, according to information shared by the Washington Post, there were 31 occupational deaths due to heat exposure as recently as 2012.

Electrical hazards at construction sites

While many construction workers in Ohio are aware of the dangers that falls present, you may not realize how serious electrical hazards can be at work sites. The truth is that deaths and injuries caused by electricity can occur in almost any workplace, but are more likely to occur around construction activity. We at Mezibov Butler are not only committed to helping you in case of an accident, but also educating you on the dangers so that you can avoid serious injuries.

Detailing the dangers of falls

Falls seem like such simple and harmless events, yet as many of those in Hamilton that we here at Meziboy Butler have worked with in the past can attest to, they can easily produce tragic results. This is especially true if you work in the construction industry. You may think only your pride will sustain any injuries should you fall at work. Statistics show, however, that you may need to be much more concerned with falls from heights.

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