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Children most at risk from distracted driving near school

As children across Ohio head back to school, families may not realize that the schools their children go to may be in distracted driving danger zones. As CBS News reports, a new study has found that school children are some of the most endangered due to the busy streets that oftenn surround schools.

Four people taken to hospital after rear-end accident

Ohio residents know that motor vehicle accidents are a sad reality of life on area roads. This reality is part of why automobile insurance is important and why so much emphasis is put on laws to encourage people to drive safely. Whether following the speed limit, ceding the right of way to another vehicle or obeying traffic signals and more, there are many things that can help people reduce their risk of being in an accident.

Should people trust autonomous cars?

Have you considered that you would ever drive a fully autonomous car? Over the past several years, people in Ohio and around the country have been hearing more and more about the seemingly increasing pace of development and testing of the vehicles. While oftenn new technology becomes embraced more wholeheartedly by consumers as it advances and becomes closer to being generally available to the public, that may not necessarily be true of autonomous vehicles.

Car hits gas truck, causing fire

Ohio residents who hop in their cars and hit the road every day should be able to do so without fear that an accident will happen. Sadly, that is not the reality of the world in which we live today. At any given point, an automobile accident can happen and much of the time these incidents are caused by poor actions or decisions on the part of drivers.

Truck accident kills woman in passenger vehicle

On any given day in Ohio, an automobile crash can happen. For the lucky people, these incidents can be minor and result in no injuries to any persons and minimal to no damage to vehicles or other property. At the other end of the spectrum, however, are those accidents that not only injure people or damage property but that also claim the lives of people. Along the way, those close to the people killed are left to grive and attempt to make sense of what is generally a senseless-seeming thing.

Study shows phone use in car an ongoing problem

Ohio residents no doubt hear plenty about distracted driving these days. It is a topic that is frequently referenced, especially now as April is distracted driving month. However, despite growing awareness that the use of phones to text or make calls by hand while driving is dangerous, it appears that many people are simply unwilling to stop doing so. Cellphone use has become so much a normal part of life that it remains a big challenge to put these gadgets aside when behind the wheel.

State representative arrested for drunk driving

Ohio residents should be able to look to the law to help keep them safe. Similarly, they should be able to look to their lawmakers for leadership in establishing those laws and for living out the practices that those laws embody. When these lawmakers fail to live up to the standards of the laws they help to put in place or uphold, it is understandable for the public to feel disappointed.

Graduated driving license may keep teens safe

Ohio parents who have teenagers at or nearing the age of learning how to drive may understandably be nervous. The thought of their kids taking the helm in a motor vehicle can be emotional and is just one more realization for moms and dads that their babies are no longer their babies. On top of that, it is reasonable for parents to be concerned about their children's safety when driving.

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